Can StoryScapeAI’s AI Erotic Story Writer Understand Female Erotica Readers?

It’s no secret that many women are crazy for erotica. That’s why we wanted to test some AI tools on female-focused content. As you might know, most of the fantasies of women are all about cheating. The monotony of sex in a long-lasting marriage can make the ladies daydream about having sex with other men. …

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AI Sex Stories – Trying To Get Romantic

Can AI write a romance story or romance novel? Does artificial intelligence have enough understanding of the English language and of the themes and elements that are important to create compelling romance stories? It shouldn’t be difficult to create basic plot points, basic sentences, and basic paragraphs, but writing real romance that connects with readers …

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AI Sex Stories Fails – Cuckold Wife Fantasy Goes Wrong

One of the most popular themes for human-written sex stories is cuckolding, also known as cheating wives. While these types of fantasies are based on jealousy, the actual turn on and narrative varies greatly. Some readers will be turned on if the cheating wife has sex with another man against her husband’s wishes, some want …

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