AI Sex Stories – Can Artificial Intelligence Create Written Erotica?

Can Artificial Intelligence – large language models like ChatGPT – write compelling sex stories? In theory, AI generated sex stories are easy enough to create with today’s technology. All you need is access to a non-censored LLM and the right prompts, and you’ll get plenty of “sexy” text back. But can computer generated text turn people on?

Welcome to our new series of articles and analysis where we look at how Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models may or may not upend the world of written erotica.

Are AI stories sexy? How do they compare with human written sex stories? The obvious initial answer is that they can’t compare since AI doesn’t have an imagination or a sex drive. Machine Learning (with current technology at least) can generate different versions of stories and fan fiction it has been trained on, but it doesn’t have the ability to create fantasies in the same way that a human brain does.

Sex is at the core of what a being a human is. We humans think about sex a lot and it drives much of what we do – good and bad. To AI, a sex story is no different from a manual on how to operate a camera, or a news report on a local bake sale. The machine doesn’t get excited while writing, it doesn’t have to stop and think about how it would react in the situations presented in a story, feel embarrassed, empowered, ashamed, or proud. Jealousy is a major motivator in many sex fantasies (and sex realities), but an AI will never be jealous of another man, another woman, or even of another AI.

Arguing about what AI can and can’t do well is a bore (check Twitter if you don’t believe me). Rather than get too deep into theory, philosophy, or technology right now, let’s go have some fun instead.

This series is about sex stories and artificial intelligence, so let’s find out what the AI can do together. Enjoy some of our recent experiments with AI sex story writing and judge for yourself!

Latest AI Sex Story Experiments

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More writing tests coming soon!