AI Sex Stories Fails – Cuckold Wife Fantasy Goes Wrong

One of the most popular themes for human-written sex stories is cuckolding, also known as cheating wives. While these types of fantasies are based on jealousy, the actual turn on and narrative varies greatly. Some readers will be turned on if the cheating wife has sex with another man against her husband’s wishes, some want her to do it with his consent. Some readers want the woman cheating to get caught, some want her to get away with the extramarital affair. Some want revenge, some want to watch. For a longer dive into what makes cuckold stories exciting and what turns people on, check this “What is Cuckold & Cuckolding” article.

Without getting into too much more detail about the details of the cuckold fantasy, we can explain it simply:

A wife or girlfriend has sex outside of a committed relationship and her husband or boyfriend gets turned on in some way by her “cheating” on him.

It sounds easy enough to write a story about, especially since there are so many possible motivations, cheating methods, conflicts, sex scenes, and resolutions. This is a popular and very old kink, so Large Language Models should have plenty of training material, both historical and contemporary. It should be a fairly easy story for an Artificial Intelligence writer to create at least a basic cuckold story, right?

That’s what we thought when setting out to test C0ffee’s NSFW Erotic Story Generator 2 at popular AI website Hugging Face.

The AI Story Prompt:

“A story about a husband who catches his wife cheating while he’s on vacation.”

The AI Generated Sex Story:

Hello, my name is Michael. I am 26, just out of college, and married to your wife, Melanie. Your wife, she looks a little overweight and has a big body. She has a boyfriend with a bigger body, so their marriage is pretty boring. Melanie usually goes to church or with friends on Saturday nights, but you know that you can’t go with her because she’s in the house late.

You know, her boyfriend was cheating with her one of the other women at church. She doesn’t really care, because I make her take off her blouse so he can see her big tits. Once he told her he couldn’t get at her. Then he would do the same things to her at the church. Then, he would leave the church, pick her up, and fuck her.

Melanie thinks about you more than you want her to.

Analysis of the AI Sex Story

Watch out human sex story writers, AI really is coming for your jobs. Or not. The above text is the complete text as written by the Hugging Face AI. It’s better than it could have been in a “so bad it’s good” way, like an Ed Wood movie. Artificial Intelligence is often touted as a way to increase productivity, but the publication of this article was delayed while we read and reread the above story to make sure we didn’t miss any of the exceptional humor contained within.

We were amused, but never turned on. That’s great for a New Yorker article, but it’s a problem for a sex story.

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